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Your Guide to Facelift Surgery

As you age, you may notice that the skin, muscles, and other tissues on your face begin to droop and sag due to the effects of aging and gravity. While there are some preventative measures and non-surgical remedies you can utilize to maintain or restore your youthful appearance, eventually, a surgical solution may be needed. Facelift surgery is an excellent way to elevate the tissues in the lower two-thirds of the face, giving you a refreshed, rejuvenated look.

Woman Looking in Mirror at Wrinkles
Is a Facelift Right for Me?

If you are in good health, are concerned about signs of aging, and are willing to have surgery, a facelift may be a good option for you. Issues that can be addressed by facelift surgery include:

Marionette lines (lines from the corners of the mouth to the chin)
Deep nasolabial folds
Sagging cheeks

Dr. D’Souza can evaluate your candidacy during a private consultation. He will examine your face and neck to develop a surgical plan that will give you the results you are looking for.

How Does Facelift Surgery Work?

The first step of your facelift surgery involves the administration of anesthesia. Local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia may be used. Incisions will be made at your temples and down and around the ears into the hairline. Dr. D’Souza will lift and adjust the underlying tissues and muscles one layer at a time. Your skin will then be pulled taut, and any excess will be removed. Once these steps are completed, the incisions will be closed using sutures.

What Will My Recovery Be Like?

Your face will be sore and bruised immediately after your surgery, and your incisions may be wrapped in bandages to apply gentle pressure and minimize swelling. The discomfort should begin to resolve within about 48 hours, but you should sleep with your head elevated for about 14 days. Most patients are also able to go back to work after two weeks. Cool compresses and oral medications can be used to help with any pain. Dr. D’Souza will provide you with specific aftercare instructions that should be followed closely to help achieve the best results possible.

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Can I Undergo Another Procedure at the Same Time?

Yes! In many cases, another procedure is recommended to help maintain the balance and harmony of the patient’s facial features. Because a facelift only addresses the lower two-thirds of the face, brow lift surgery may be performed to smooth the forehead and lift sagging brows. The incisions for this procedure are made over the crown of the head within the hairline. Neck lift surgery can also be performed to repair loose neck muscles and remove excess skin. The incision for this procedure is typically made on the underside of the chin.

How Long Will My Results Last?

Your face will continue to age naturally, but you can expect your results to last for five to 10 years. During this time, you will still experience the natural aging process, but it will always look younger than if you had not had surgery in the first place. Sun protection and other healthy lifestyle choices can help maintain your results, and non-surgical treatments may also be used if you desire.


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Woman Looking in Mirror at Wrinkles