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Are You a Good Candidate for Labiaplasty?

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, many women focus on improving their face or other visible body parts. However, some women struggle with physical and aesthetic issues in more intimate areas of their body.

A little over 13 percent of women believe the shape of their labia is abnormal, with the majority of these women being discontent with their visible labia minora. Other women may feel like their labia majora is too long, causing it to look unattractive. Regardless of the specific frustration, labiaplasty can help improve the appearance of the labia and help women feel more comfortable and confident.

What Is a Labiaplasty?

A labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to correct or reduce the appearance of skin surrounding your vaginal opening (the labia minora and majora). It is a procedure that is mostly recommended for women who believe they have an excessively long or asymmetric labia.

Most of the patients who choose to undergo a labiaplasty are women who care more about comfort than appearance. This is due in large part to the fact that an oddly shaped labia can cause discomfort during athletic or sexual activities. The good news is that a labiaplasty can solve this discomfort.

Signs You Might Need a Labiaplasty

Below are some signs that make you a good candidate for this procedure:

1. Your Labia Are Too Long

Labia come in different shapes and sizes; this means that no two women have the same shape, size, or color labia. If your labia are too long, you may find yourself feeling self-conscious during intercourse or worried about the dreaded camel toe when wearing clothes. Labiaplasty can reduce their size, making the labia look even.

2. You Are Experiencing Discomfort During Intercourse

If you feel like your labia are not letting you enjoy your sexual life, then labiaplasty may be the recommended choice. As a candidate, you might feel like your labia are twisting and tugging unnecessarily, which not only reduces your pleasure but also causes you to feel self-conscious. Large labia can also lead to irritation or itching after intercourse. If you experience these concerns, then you might be a good candidate for this procedure.

3. You Have Asymmetrical Labia

Asymmetrical labia can cause discomfort for a variety of reasons. Whether it be day-to-day comfort, where excess skin feels off underneath clothes, or the labia twist or tug uncomfortably and even fall out of your bathing suit when you are not careful, a labiaplasty procedure can ensure that everything is symmetrical and comfortable.

4. You Experience Daily Discomfort

When your labia are not symmetrically shaped, they can cause significant discomfort in your daily activities. You might dread simple things like riding a bike, running, or sitting on a chair, and these can negatively affect your overall happiness. In fact, 64 percent of women who undergo labiaplasties do so because they experience discomfort wearing clothes. A labiaplasty can make it easier for you to go through your daily tasks without feeling awkward.

5. You Have Uncomfortable Symptoms

Physical discomfort may not be the main reason for your candidacy for labiaplasty. This is because longer than normal minor or major labia can gather more bacteria. This can lead to frequent UTIs, crooked urination, and other personal hygiene issues that can cause health concerns and problems with your general comfort.

The Bottom Line

A labiaplasty can be a smart option if you feel uncomfortable with the shape of your labia. Whether this issue creates physical discomfort or makes you feel self-conscious, a labiaplasty can help you regain control of your life and make you feel better. Contact Iconic Plastic Surgery and schedule an appointment for a labiaplasty.


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