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Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation®

Dr. D’Souza’s goal in breast augmentation is to cause as as little damage to the muscle or ribs as possible. Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation is made possible by Dr. D’Souza’s use of a meticulous technique that causes as little bleeding as possible. Dr. D’Souza believes that blood oozing during the procedure near the ribs is what causes discomfort after a breast augmentation surgery. He makes sure to cauterize or seal all the bleeding vessels around the muscle and ribs during the procedure. Dr. D’Souza’s approach to implant selection gives the patient a much shorter time in the operating room. This technical detail may decrease the recovery time after breast augmentation.

Dr. D’Souza also helps you select the correct implant for your body type. The implant size should not be too large or too small for your chest wall. Dr. D’Souza uses a special analysis of your breast tissue and does detailed measurements during your consultation. These include measuring the width of the breast and stretch of your breast. Finally, Dr. D’Souza uses his artistic intuition during surgery to give his patients a natural and beautiful look.

Dr. D’Souza’s patients see him for their consultation in his new Carlsbad office. Dr. D’Souza operates at a state of the art surgical center in the Carlsbad region. Most of our patients can perform their everyday activities within 24 hours following the operation. Dr. D’Souza does not believe in drains, surgery wraps or narcotic pain medications. The majority of patients only need Tylenol after the procedure. In fact, Dr. Dsouza encourages his patients to even go out to coffee or dinner the same night of their surgery.
Our Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation gives woman the ability to get on with their lives as soon as possible!