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Thigh Lift

Significant weight loss, aging, and other factors can cause the skin and other tissues in the thighs to begin to sag. Thigh skin is typically thin and has poor elasticity. Because of this, liposuction alone may not be the best choice, as it can exacerbate skin laxity and may not be able to provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Loose, sagging thighs can cause men and women to feel self-conscious and may cause physical discomfort.

Thigh lift surgery is designed to remove excess skin and reduce sagging in the inner or outer thighs, creating beautifully sculpted legs.

Candidates for Thigh Lift

A thigh lift will make your thighs look tighter and firmer giving them a more attractive shape and size.

Patients who have achieved significant weight loss may be ideal candidates for this procedure. If your thighs have a large amount of fatty tissue, it may be recommended that you undergo liposuction first to eliminate as much excess fat as possible. If you have excess skin and tissue in the thighs, are maintaining a stable weight, and have realistic expectations, a thigh lift may be an appropriate procedure for you.

The Thigh Lift Procedure

Thigh lift surgery is performed in the operating room using general anesthesia. The incision will be made within the groin crease, and excess skin and tissue will be removed. Dr. D’Souza will then tighten the remaining tissues and muscles. Once the surgery is complete, the incisions will be closed using sutures. The operation typically takes between two and four hours to complete. Surgical drains will be placed in the thighs after the procedure and will remain there for about one week.

Inner thigh lift surgery addresses laxity in the uppermost portion of the inner thigh. The scar is placed in the groin crease and extends to the buttocks. The resulting scar can be concealed by underwear or bathing suits. If skin laxity extends to the knee, a more extensive operation will be required.

Outer thigh lift surgery is performed in conjunction with a body lift or a tummy tuck.

Recovery and Results

After your surgery, you should be able to return to your regular activities in two to four weeks. Exercise and lifting restrictions will be discussed during your consultation appointment and reviewed again before your surgery. Patients are encouraged to take light walks after surgery to keep blood circulating for a safe recovery.

You will notice a slight difference in the appearance of your thighs immediately. However, the final results of your surgery can take up to one year to fully develop as the swelling needs time to subside. While fat can still accumulate and skin laxity can recur, the results of your thigh lift can last for years, provided that you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Out-of-Town Patients

At Iconic Plastic Surgery, we want to ensure that our out-of-town patients have a comfortable, welcoming experience. Our state-of-the-art surgical facility is located near San Diego International Airport and John Wayne Airport as well as a selection of five-star accommodations. We can help plan your stay and make arrangements with an aftercare provider for 24-hour assistance following your surgery.

Thigh Lift Cost

The price of your thigh lift will depend on the amount of skin and tissue being removed as well as the technique used. Surgical fees, anesthesia fees, and other factors will also affect the price of your surgery. You will receive a cost estimate during your consultation.

To schedule a private thigh lift consultation with Dr. D’Souza, please call Iconic Plastic Surgery at 760-637-5288 today!

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