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What Is Labiaplasty?

Talking to a doctor about undergoing labiaplasty can be difficult for some. It’s important to know what questions to ask before any consultation and to make sure that you go into this procedure with realistic expectations. Labiaplasty has grown in popularity over the last several years as technology rapidly improves.

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Today, undergoing a labiaplasty procedure is fairly straightforward and easy. The process involves a small trim to the excess tissue you want to be removed while only using local anesthesia during the procedure. The anesthesia can last anywhere from one to two hours.

A common mistake most women make is confusing labiaplasty with vaginoplasty. While labiaplasty solely focuses on the labia majora and labia minora, vaginoplasty involves the tightening of the vagina.

When Should I Get Labiaplasty?

The procedure is usually performed on adult women; although, the number of young-adult women requesting this procedure has slowly risen in the past few years. Labiaplasty is designed for those women who have excess skin and tissue in the labia minora or majora. Some women undergo labiaplasty for aesthetic purposes and sexual well-being. However, most patients choose to have the procedure for more functional purposes, as physical comfort tends to be a key factor.

There is no “normal” when it comes to labia size, but excess tissue can create distress or hinder daily activities. Some women tend to feel self-conscious about the look of their genitalia when wearing tight-fitting clothing.

What to Expect Before Undergoing Labiaplasty

Your doctor will map out how much tissue will be removed prior to the operation, and incision locations will be pointed out to you as well. This helps ensure that you not only have a successful operation but that your expectations are realistic as well.

If you smoke, it’s very important to let your surgeon know beforehand. Dr. D’Souza will go over all restrictions and details during a consultation prior to your procedure.

The Procedure

The procedure itself only lasts one to two hours and local anesthesia is utilized during the operation. The excess tissue that is removed will be trimmed so that the labia minora can rest perfectly inside the labia majora. Incisions made during the procedure are small and inconspicuous.

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Risks and Recovery

Recovery from this procedure is usually easy, but like any other major surgery, complications may arise. Some swelling will occur, and most patients treat swelling with ice packs and elastic bands or garments such as yoga pants. Recovery times vary from patient to patient, but the typical recovery length is about two weeks for most patients. You will likely have to use pain medication for the first few days following a labiaplasty procedure.

Post-Surgery Tips

It is important to follow any advice your doctor gives you during your appointments. Keep in mind that you must take at least a few days off of work following your procedure. During this recovery time, you cannot exercise or participate in any training activities, such as lifting heavy boxes.

Swelling is a factor that you must endure, and it most likely will grow worse before it can reduce back down to its “normal” size and shape. This is no reason to be alarmed, but you should definitely keep it in mind.

Recovery can last up to or greater than six weeks, depending on the patient. During this time, it is advised to not partake in any intercourse. The use of tampons is also prohibited as your body recovers from the operation. If you notice that you are suffering from extreme pain, bleeding, fever, or other uncomfortable symptoms that were not discussed by your doctor, be sure to contact Dr. D’Souza as soon as possible.

If you are interested in learning more about labiaplasty, please schedule a complimentary consultation by calling 760-571-2445 today!

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