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Why Should I Choose Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation®?

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While breast augmentation is highly customizable and comes with many different options, the technique itself has not changed much over the years. Generally, incisions are created, implants are placed, and the incisions are closed with sutures. Most women who are considering breast augmentation are aware that they are likely to encounter discomfort and a considerable amount of time away from their daily activities. However, Iconic Plastic Surgery offers the Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation® to enhance the healing journey and reduce side effects. This new method results in minimal discomfort as well as a shorter healing period due to its advanced approach to surgical breast enhancement. 

Traditional Breast Augmentation

When traditional breast augmentation is performed, many patients experience the bulk of their bleeding at the incision sites near the ribs. Those who have their implants placed under the muscle may have even more bleeding and subsequent swelling during their procedure. Dr. D’Souza believes that this side effect is partially to blame for a long or uncomfortable recovery process, which prompted the development of his revolutionary approach to breast surgery. 

Benefits of Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation®

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The striking advantages of undergoing Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation® instead of a traditional procedure are as follows:

Careful attention to anatomy: Selecting oversized implants are one of the reasons why women experience a lengthy recovery or uncomfortable side effects. Implants that are too heavy for your frame can be burdensome and make your body work harder to heal from the procedure. Dr. D’Souza takes the time to meticulously analyze your proportions and help you choose implants that will match your figure, giving you an easier recovery.

Minor swelling: The damaged blood vessels are cauterized around the muscles in the rib area to reduce the risk of postoperative swelling and discomfort. This also means there is no need for drains or compression garments.

Minimal pain: Most patients who choose to undergo this procedure do not need narcotic medication. Usually, over-the-counter medicine is sufficient for pain management, even in the early stages of recovery. 

Little-to-no downtime: Unlike women who opt for a traditional breast augmentation, Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation® patients typically resume their normal routine within 24 hours. This technique is far more convenient to schedule around because of this.


The Initial Consultation

The first appointment is the most important because it is during this meeting that the details of your procedure will be developed. Precise measurements of your anatomy will be taken, and you will be able to communicate your objectives with your surgeon. The quality of your breast tissue will also be assessed to give you the best possible outcome during your Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation®. Dr. D’Souza will use this information to determine the ideal implant size and profile for your needs. 


For more information about Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation®, please schedule your consultation at Iconic Plastic Surgery in Carlsbad by calling 760-637-5288.

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