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Why would I get blepharoplasty?

Puffiness – not as in morning puffiness but real accumulated swollenness, from life, age and accumulated tiredness.

For persons with “hooded eyelids” or swollen skin around the eyes, Blepharoplasty is a surgery that corrects and tightens the area. The surgeon incises the eyelid to remove excess muscle and skin tissue then closes it again, leaving you with a more youthful appearance.

At Iconic Plastic Surgery, we specialize in cosmetic surgeries such as the eyelid lift. We pride ourselves with treating patients who walk out of our office feeling more confident and happier about their appearance. The treatment can take between 45 minutes and 2 hours, depending on how you get your lid treatment done.

How do I know if blepharoplasty is right for me?

You’re likely a candidate for blepharoplasty if:
• You have obstructed vision from your sagging eyelids.
• Your eyes are noticeably puffier than they used to be.
• You have eyebags under the eyes that make you look more aged or tired.

It’s hazardous to have one’s vision obstructed by hooded eyelids or anything at all. If you have sagging skin above your eyes that obstructs your vision, functional blepharoplasty should be a serious consideration for you. Vision is precious, and deterioration should be prevented as much as possible especially considering how much we depend on our eyes daily. You can prevent yourself from enduring the infliction of such conditions to others by undergoing this surgery. Having hooded eyelids that obstruct vision can impair your skills for driving, work and every other aspect of life in which vision is crucial. Functional blepharoplasty works to remove excess skin, and muscle tissue from the upper eyelid, leaving you with a tighter and more youthful appearance after surgery- not to mention better vision, especially peripheral.

Even if your vision isn’t obstructed by your eyelids, you can get blepharoplasty. Over time, we accumulate under eye sagginess from allergies, tiredness, age, and heredity. Sagging skin under the eyes can also draw attention away from other attractive aspects of your face. Having puffiness under the eyes or drooping skin can put years on your appearance. Some accumulate this sagginess more heavily than others, which leads to having a more aged look. Cosmetic blepharoplasty works to remove excess skin from under the eyes, leaving you with a more useful and tightened appearance.

In either case, Blepharoplasty works to remove excess skin and muscle tissue from the lids and closing the tissue to create a tighter more youthful appearance.

Of course, there are some things to consider before scheduling an appointment.

You should wait to schedule an appointment if:
• You smoke. Smoking gets in the way of the healing process after surgery, so it is highly discouraged. Make sure you quit smoking before going through your procedure, that way you can do everything and heal under optimal health conditions.
• You have unhealthy skin or muscle tissue. This surgery cuts into our tissue, so it’s crucial that your cells are in optimal health before beginning.

At Iconic Plastic Surgery, Dr. D’Souza balances his surgical expertise with aesthetic determination. After your procedure, he will suggest that you take a few steps to make sure everything heals just right. Be prepared to experience some discomfort, swelling and bruising after the surgery. This is only normal after the invasive procedure. After the lift, you might also have blurred vision from the ointment, double vision and some sensitivity to light. Don’t worry, when you take the right precaution after your treatment, those discomforts will just be temporary. After you pass this slight rough spot, things will be a breeze. To make sure you’re putting yourself in the best position for your health, make sure you do the following after the procedure:

Icing your eyes will be very important. After incision procedures, tissue tends to swell. It’s important to make sure you keep yourself under conditions that won’t make your eyelids swell excessively after the repairment.

No contact lenses. Sorry, but you can’t be touching your eyes let alone putting anything them for about two weeks.

Sunglasses – use them. Protect your eyes as much as possible for the sun and wind.

Remember to clean your eyes – and gently. Infection can occur after surgery, and taking proper care is crucial to avoid any such damage.

No straining activities for a week. In order to heal, you need to avoid all activities that might prompt for sweat or other kinds of pathogens to enter the eyes. Avoid any such activity to make sure your eye area stays clean and doesn’t infect during this time of the healing process.

Dr. Gehaan D’Souza is a surgeon so that he can better the lives of those surrounding him. He loves to see his patients walk out with a new sense of pride and confidence and bringing them back to a state of personal aesthetic satisfaction – not to mention the medical pluses his surgeries brings to patients. Blepharoplasty is particularly important to this doctor as vision and safety are two aspects of human life that are undoubtedly precious. Working to correct a realm of life improvement gratifies Dr. D’Souza, and his passion lies in seeing people do better after his practice.


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