All You Need to Know About Safe Lipo

Liposuction is a fat removal procedure that has been very popular for decades. The treatment was initially developed in 1975, with surgeons using a hollow cannula to remove excess fat. While multiple incisions were used, the procedure was still a high risk, with a longer recovery time. Now, the surgery has seen significant advancements. 

Enter safe lipo, the treatment that helps control the process and keep the recovery at a minimum. Plenty of safer options have been developed nowadays, but Dr. D’Souza uses one of the safest options currently available. In this blog, you will learn more about safe lipo and how to benefit from it. 

What Is Safe Lipo?

Safe lipo is a procedure that uses separation, aspiration, and fat equalization (in other words, SAFE) to reduce fat. This procedure removes visceral fat without causing much damage to the surrounding tissue. As a special fluid is used to separate the fat, this procedure enjoys more control and a smaller potential for complications.

Dr. D’Souza employs the super-wet technique when delivering a safe lipo treatment. Tumescent anesthesia is injected into the target area to numb it and dilute the fat cells, making the fat easier to remove. Multiple small incisions will be made to pass the cannula and suction the fat, offering an even fat removal process.

Benefits of Safe Lipo

Safe lipo comes with a series of benefits, including the following: 

1. Minimal Bleeding

One of the greatest benefits of safe lipo is that bleeding is kept at a minimum when using the super-wet technique. This is good because heavy bleeding directly triggers your body’s inflammatory response, leading to swelling. To that extent, safe lipo uses a solution that combines epinephrine (a vasoconstrictor) and lidocaine (a local anesthetic). This will constrict the blood vessels during the procedure, ultimately preventing excess blood loss. 

2. Minimal Discomfort

Patients can choose whether or not they wish to undergo general anesthesia, but with safe liposuction, it is not necessary. If you decide to go for sedation or local anesthesia, the solution will offer pain relief due to the lidocaine. This not only minimizes discomfort during the procedure, but as a potent anti-inflammatory drug, it can also reduce post-procedure pain. 

3. Reduced Complication Risks

Many liposuction complications occur as a result of blood loss or trauma to surrounding tissue. Thanks to the solution used, and the careful practice of Dr. D’Souza, all of these are kept at a minimum. Safe lipo offers more control of the area, so complications like blood clots or fluid collection are minimized. 

4. Better Fat Removal

Once introduced in the target area, the tumescent fluid causes the fatty tissue to swell. This makes it easier to suction through the cannula, as its expansion helps it separate. The sculpting and contouring effect should also be more precise and uniform, as the fluid-induced swelling offers better access and visualization. 

5. Faster Recovery

One benefit that makes safe lipo so convenient is the fact that it offers a shorter recovery. Safe lipo uses less fluid than lipo, which is enough to keep a proper fluid balance while providing great visibility. Therefore, blood loss is kept at a minimum, and the swelling of the fatty tissue makes it easier to remove without much force. Rather than spending several months in recovery as you would with regular liposuction, safe lipo should only take a few weeks. If you have a job requiring little activity, you can return to work in a week. 

Get Your Safe Lipo Now!

Safe lipo can bring you much closer to your body goals without the restrictions brought by general liposuction. This allows you to improve your physical contour. If you have stubborn fat pockets that you find bothersome, consider making an appointment with Iconic Plastic Surgery for a safe lipo procedure!


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