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Vision for Transgender Surgery

The goal for any transgender operation Dr. D’Souza performs is to match his patient’s physical identity with their gender identity. For transgender men, Dr. D’Souza aims at producing a chiseled masculine look. During a transgender female surgery, Dr. D’Souza aims at creating the most attractive feminine appearance possible.

Dr. D’Souza and the staff at Iconic Plastic Surgery strives to support and provide you with the top-level care in the industry.


While female hormones can produce mild to moderate breast development, most males to female (MTF) patients require breast augmentation to attain full, feminine breasts larger than an A cup. The procedure is performed in much the same way as with female patients where saline or silicone gel breast implants are placed under existing breast tissue, usually below the chest muscles. Incisions can usually be concealed around the areolas or in the crease beneath the breasts. Dr. D’Souza will help you determine which implant size and incision placement will best help you attain your aesthetic goals.


Top (or chest) surgery is one of the most popular gender reassignment procedure. The surgery involves removing the breast and creating a more masculine chest contour. The nipple may need to be resized or positioned to meet the needs of the individual. The operation often improves social and psychological functioning of our patients and allows trans men to live more comfortably.


Many cosmetic procedures can be customized to enhance more feminine or masculine traits. Transgender patients can benefit from procedures like:

  • Rhinoplasty – The nose can be sculpted to provide a strong masculine shape or a shorter concave feminine form.
  • Liposuction – Fat can be reduced in key areas throughout the body
  • Eyelid surgery – Feminine arched eyelids can be constructed as can a more masculine straight eyelid.

Timeline For Your Surgery

Knowing patients have many questions during their consult, Dr. D’Souza takes all the time needed for his patients to understand the procedures and options.

During your initial consult

  • Sabrina and Lizette our patient care coordinators will talk with you regarding your procedure
  • Dr. D’Souza will obtain your medical history and discuss your goals for your surgery.
  • Dr. D’Souza will take measurements and together you will come up with a game plan for your surgery
  • You’ll be able to review before-and-after photos of patients like you.

Your Experience

Dr. D’Souza specializes in FTM “top” chest surgery, MTF “top” chest surgery and facial feminization and masculinization surgery.To protect your privacy in your transition from one gender to another, Dr. D’Souza performs surgery in his secluded outpatient center in San Diego’s North County area. Transgender patients receive the highest quality of care, comfort and safety in this private center, which offers experienced aesthetic nurses and state of the art techniques and technology.